The Best of Backwash You Say? What’s that all about?

The evolution of Backwash into one of the community’s most recognizable craft beer events has been a long, winding… and tasty… road to say the least. It has been and will continue to be Project Great Outdoor’s most important single fundraising event and crucial platform to get our word out. Backwash has also been, dare I say, brewing ground for future professional beer smiths who are joining the amazing Nevada craft beer scene

So, what’s the Best of Backwash?

Well, it’s another fundraiser and a chance to find new audiences and advocates for Project Great outdoors. And its a bridge…a bridge to Project Go’s next season.

The attempts to get a fall 2014 Backwash up and going ran into a myriad of riffles, wakes and regulatory rapids that begged us to re-launch for….Spring 2015!!!!! Ladies and gentleman start your mash turns!!!

Until then, the Best of Backwash needs folks who have the attitude and wherewithal to support our growing numbers — support us like all of you have. We are looking to increase our ranks of supporters and get a little money to seed next year. In the annual report we’ll be releasing soon, you will see how excited we are with the growth of Project GO in the youth served and the legions of our trained volunteers.

So, mark Nov. 20 on your calendars and visit us at the National Automobile Museum ( Enjoy a Dunkelweizen while you Feast on a Duesenberg) There will be great food, some unique beer and beer cocktails, rare beer baskets you can bid on, river trips, golf trips… things can bid on that help us buy new boats, keep fuel in the vans, pay for permits, build new equipment sheds, etc.

Hope to see you all then! Visit to get your tickets!