We offer three distinct programs!

Whitewater Rafting

This is where Project GO started. Our whitewater adventures are run out of Camp Lotus on the South Fork of the American River, and offer much more than a commercial rafting trip that may cost over $100 per participant.

Our day on the river typically starts at 9:00 AM with an orientation talk and an hour of introductory games and activities. After a safety talk, our trained guides and facilitators each take 4-6 participants down a class III stretch of the American River. Participants face fears and are challenged to work as a team to overcome them. At the end of the day the lead facilitator leads a discussion or activity designed to help transfer the challenge and learning of the day into changes that can be incorporated into everyday life. You should be on the road by 6:00 PM

It is a long day, but one well worth it. The lessons and memories will last a lifetime! 

Challenge Ropes Course

What happens when you combine a trust exercise with a jungle-gym and put in 50 feet in the air? You get a challenge ropes course and an excellent opportunity for young people to learn about themselves, face their fears and overcome them with the help and support of their peers.

We run our course in partnership with On Course in Grass Valley, one of the pioneers in the industry. The experience that Project GO offers for $20-$25 per person is exactly the same experience that corporations pay $200-$250 per person for. The day typically starts at the course at 10:00 AM with an orientation talk and introductory activities followed by low element initiatives. After lunch participants put on helmets and harnesses and take to the trees. A closing circle lead by the lead facilitator will help participants understand the parallels between  their experience in the trees and their lives at home. Typically your group will get on the road by 5PM.

On Site Programs

We will come to you and spend a day or afternoon playing games and completing initiatives designed to improve teamwork, communication and trust. Each program is unique and designed to help meet your specific goals.

Indoors, outdoors or both is up to you and depends on your needs and facilities. If you don’t have facilities of any sort, we’ll meet you at a park or school gymnasium of your choosing. This is an excellent program for those programs building towards a more involved outing , or for programs without a means of transportation or with insurance or liability concerns that prevent participation in our other programs.


What does it cost?

If your program qualifies  the cost is quite low. Whether you chose a Challenge Ropes Course, a Whitewater Rafting adventure or on-location team-building the cost is determined by the number of expected participants.

Small Group (5-10 total participants): $250

Medium Group (11-20 total participants): $450

Large Group (21-30 total participants): $600

These prices do not include transportation to our program site, food, or camping, should you wish to do so. We will help you arrange all of these things at their actual cost.

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