Can our group go rafting with you?

We work with groups who share our belief in the transformative power of nature, and who do work in areas where at least 75% of the school age population qualify under federal standards for reduced-price or free school lunches. We typically work with programs that serve 14-18 year olds, though we can work with slightly younger or older participants under some circumstances. Regardless, all groups must complete an application. Any specific questions can be resolved once your program has been accepted.

How much does it cost?

The fee Project GO charges is based upon the actual cost of the trip, including insurance and local, county, state and federal fees. As some of these costs are per group, not per individual, our pricing will vary based upon group size. If you have 20 or more participants the cost can be as low as $15 per participant. If your group is smaller, the cost will be higher.

There are some other costs associated with a rafting trip. Project GO does NOT provide food. We will provide a shopping list, which, if followed will provide a nutritious, hearty and delicious lunch for under $6 per person. You will need to arrange your own transportation to the river, and once there, your vehicles will be used to transport participants to put-in or take-out, depending on the trip and the logistics of the day. You’ll need to make sure those vehicles have enough gas!

If your group is camping, you’ll need to make your own payment arrangements with the campground. Our trip planning guide provides all the information you’ll need to do this.

Rapids Group: $145

This is a small group up to 10 participants, and will be responsible for the “trip shuttle” using the vehicles in which they traveled to the program.

Hyside Group: $225

This is a medium sized trip for 11-15 participants.

Roller Wave Group: $465.00

This is a large gro16-30 Participants. We suggest that you bring the maximum number, as this greatly reduces the cost per participant!

Larger Groups

We have run trips for as many as 50 participants. This requires significant volunteer and transportation resources and pre-planning. The cost of such a trip will be dependent on many factors: Please contact our office.

How many people can we bring?

10-30 participants is ideal. Larger trips are possble. Please contact us for options.

What about chaperones?

We ask that you bring one adult chaperone per 5 youth participants. The chaperones are charged the same rate as the youth participants.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see our cancellation policy HERE

What if fewer people come than we paid for?

There is no refund or discount offered. Your trip will continue as planned.

How do you do it so cheap?

A trypical rafting trip like the one Project GO provides costs over $100 per participant. We are able to offer our trips for $15-$30 because all trip personnel are volunteers, and because we do not have any “profit” motivation. We simply need to cover our actual costs.

What equipment do you provide?

We provide all rafting specific equipment: Boats, paddles and life-vests. It is important that participants carefully read the trip planning guide to ensure that they come with appropriate clothing.

We do not provide any overnight or camping gear. If your group will be camping, and needs sleeping bags and tents, we suggest contacting BAWT (Bay Area Wilderness Training) well ahead of your trip. Bawt offers low-cost gear rentals to qualifying groups.

What is the skill level of your guides?

Many of our guides are commercial raft guides with years of experience. Many have been trained through our own whitewater guide training program. All guides must meet a minimum standard of qualification as measured against our guide status and policy. In addition, all guides are certified in CPR and basic first-aid, and at least one guide on each trip is certified in technical swiftwater rescue.

Do you have guides who speak Spanish?

Yes, but not all of them do. If you require Spanish-speaking guides, please contact us well ahead of your trip so that we may ensure the appropriate personnel are there!

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