Volunteer Advisory Committee

The volunteer advisory committee is made up of current active volunteers who help the program coordinator.


Antoinette McLean serves on the social committee as the member from the Sacramento region. An avid whitewater boater, Antoinette holds an advanced degree from Prescott College and works as a development professional at the U.C. Davis Health System.




Brian Spear is Project GOs outreach coordinator. He’s a watershed scientist at a private firm in Santa Cruz California. Brian completed Project GOs whitewater guide training in 2011.




Chris Carlson is a teacher of Biology at Harbor High School in Santa Cruz. She is a former board member and has been an active Project GO volunteer since 1999. She serves on the social committee as the member from the bay area.




Heather Green is a Geologist working for the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada. A graduate of Project GOs 2009 guide School, Heather serves as on the social commitee as the member from western Nevada.


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